Addax MT10 / MT15

A newly formed Addax Motors developed a 100% electric truck Model MT in 2015. It is green, compact and silent. The Addax MT is available with open or closed cargo box and many more options, custom developed for last mile delivery, amusement parks, warehouse logistics, cities and municipalities. It can be used in cities and municipalities, but also on vast industrial or recreational areas.

The Model MT10 is the base model with a 8 kW three phase asynchronous electric motor with a torque of 100 Nm. The energy comes from a 10.2 kWh lithium ion phosphate battery. The Model MT15 has a 9 kW version of the electric motor with a torque of 180 Nm and 14.7 kWh battery. Top speed is 70 kph. Range – 80 km (MT10) and 110 km (MT15). Turning circle – 4 m. Gross weight – 600 kg. Payload – 1000 kg. Maximum towing capacity – 2000 kg. Overall dimensions – 3590x1390x2500 mm. Wheelbase – 2027 mm.

Addax MT10 / MT15 photos

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