At the CES 2017 Eli company introduced its electric vehicle Eli ZERO. The new microcar appears to be similar in size to the Renault Twizy, but is more practical with adding doors and windows. It has 2 seats side by side (not one behind the other, like Twizy) and quite bit smaller, than Smart ForTwo.

Up front, the ZERO incorporates a cute little grille and a set of compact headlights with LED daytime running lights around the edges. The windshield also stretches far up the front fascia and seamlessly joins with the roof. It is not neccessary to say, than Eli ZERO is fully electric.

In a statement, the company said: “We believe Eli introduces an advanced, yet simple product that will fundamentally shift how we engage with urban fabrics. Smaller, simpler and friendlier, Eli ZERO is the ultimate two seater mobility device for agile daily movement. Eli ZERO reimagines the NEV and addresses the dynamic transportation demands of modern cities and towns by offering a versatile driving solution for both urban and suburban neighborhoods.”

Eli ZERO photos

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