Nobe 100

Nobe 100

Nobe 100 is the name of a new electric car project from Estonia, which is currently looking for investors. With his beauty as a bonus, the Nobe 100 could be quite successful.

An Estonian-based company called Nobe Cars wants to use the online platform Fundedbyme to bring a particularly well-known electric car called 100 to production readiness. Unlike the futuristic Uniti One (that is also has been crowdfunded), the Nobe 100 relies on retro-look and a three-wheeled suspension.

So far, the Nobe 100 is only a 1: 1 model and some worth seeing computer images. The design is particularly reminiscent of car manufacturers of the 1950s. Thanks to his historical collection of quotations, the 3-wheeler looks cute, elegant, and chic.

The Nobe 100 is intended primarily for city traffic. Its compact dimensions and the tricycle layout promise a particularly small turning circle. There is room for three passengers inside a classic-minimalist cockpit.

When it comes to drive technology, Nobe relies on simple components. For example, small hub electric motors with 15 kW / 20 hp each are used on all three wheels. This should sprint the Nobe 100 in at least 5.9 seconds from a standing to speed of 100 kph, a maximum of 110 kph are possible. 220-km range is promised for the rechargeable battery in two hours. In addition to the emission-free drive, the Nobe 100 should also be particularly environmentally friendly through the use of reusable materials.

Interested parties can invest in the start-up on Fundedbyme until mid-July. As a minimum funding target, the responsible parties have proclaimed around 900,000 euros. If this sum comes together, we will see a real prototype in October 2018 at the Paris Motor Show. Depending on the financing success, the makers are also promising mass production for 2020. Whether it gets that far remains to be seen. In addition to several success stories, there are also plenty of examples of crowdfunding actions that ended up as a flop.

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