Smart Forease Plus

Smart Forease+

In 2018, Smart brand owned by Daimler AG presented the Foreasy concept at the Paris Motor Show, which surprised everyone by the complete lack of a roof. The car, of course, wore the status of a concept, but even this status did not give an answer to the simple question of what to do if it rained. To show everything clearly, Smart will bring to Geneva a new version which is called Forease+.

The second version of the concept car acquired a plastic hardtop, which can be removed in a few seconds: it is fastened with two clips in the rear. As planned by Daimler AG, the car is suitable for trips in any weather, although it does not have side windows. Alongside its new roof, the Smart Forease+ incorporates a shortened windshield to further increase its Speedster characteristics.

There are new headlights incorporating three active LED elements. Additionally, there are small lights found where the vehicle’s front grille would usually be. Subtle orange accents can also be found towards the base of the bumper which, to our eyes, almost looks like a smiley face. Much like the headlights, the taillights include several LED light elements.

The interior of the Forease+ concept quite corresponds to mass-produced models of the brand: it has approximately the same dashboard, multimedia system, as well as the climate control. It is finished with the Nappa leather, microfiber, and a range of other high-end materials to ensure it’s a nice place to sit. The steering wheel is cut in the upper part, apparently, the gear ratio of the steering rack is so small that you do not have to cross your arms to turn the steering wheel to the extreme position.

The concept uses a 82 hp electric motor, which is powered by a 17.6 kWh battery. The range is 100 miles (160 kilometers).

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