Toyota Concept-i Ride

Toyota Concept-i Ride

With the Concept-i series, Toyota is looking at the future of mobility, when cars and people become partners through artificial intelligence. In addition to the Concept-i with four wheels, the Japanese car manufacturer now extends the range by a smaller four-wheeled vehicle Toyota Concept-i Ride, which is particularly suitable for the disabled.

Both vehicles combine an artificial intelligence which understands the driver’s wishes and feelings with autonomous driving systems for maximum comfort and safety, offering the driver a new kind of driving experience.

The Toyota Concept-i Ride is a 2.50 meter long two-seater with a range of up to 150 kilometers, which is also suitable for wheelchair users thanks to the wide-opening wing doors and an electrically operated seat. The seat can be moved to the side to facilitate changing the wheelchair into the seat. The area behind the seat has been designed so that the wheelchair can easily be stowed away. All this can be done in a normal parking space, because the ride with a joystick instead of the steering wheel and pedals is only 1.30 meters wide. The digital assistant is equipped with artificial intelligence and provides an additional information for travel and excursions, for example via barrier-free facilities.

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