1984 Honda City Turbo + Honda Motocompo

1984 Honda City Turbo has the best option — the motorcycle in the back

This is 1984 Honda City Turbo. It’s a little Japanese domestic kei car — the little hot hatch.

The most important thing that this Honda has the most exiting option in automotive history — the entire motorcycle Honda Motocompo in the back. Jason from Jalopnik drives them both.

The car is fitted with a 1231 cc inline 4-cylinder engine rated at 99 hp. It makes 0-60 mph in 8.6 seconds and weights only 1600 lbs. Its fun, and looks pretty aggressive.

Everything about this car is good stuff from the 80s. The dashboard has a digital speedometer in the middle, nice looking turbo boost and a lot of other features from that era.

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