SEAT Arosa swap

350HP Seat Arosa is the perfect Nurburgring sleeper microcar

The SEAT Arosa is one of the last names that comes to mind when one mentions a track day. And this is precisely what makes such a car ideal for the role of a circuit sleeper. Check the video of this modified SEAT Arosa at the bottom of the page.

Its base 45 hp engine was swapped to 1.8t 20V fitted with a Garrett GT28R supercharger and now delivers 350 hp. You might think that this power rating in not so impressive. But check this fact – curb weight of this baby is just 840 kg.

Modifications list includes Audi S2 brakes and super-sticky rubber. Truth be told, the pumped-up SEAT Arosa doesn’t exactly seem to stay flat through the Green Hell bends, but it seems that the determination of the driver could partially make up for that.

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