This Fiat 500 is the hairest car in the world

This Fiat 500 is covered in human hair

Let me introduce you Maria Lucia Mugno — the owner of this ridiculous Fiat 500 covered in human hair. She calls it ‘the hairest car in the world’.

Hairstylist Maria has created a hair covered car, which is a cut above your average ride. The car is covered in 100 kilograms of hair. The entire outside of it. The hair is 100% natural. Maria used hair of all shades and colours, some are brighter than others all of it is women’s hair.

The process of covering her car in hair took Maria 150 hours and around €80,000. But her hard work paid off as the hair covered car earned her a very special accolade.

Thanks to her work on this car Maria won the first Guinness World Record for it. Because the hair is very delicate it can get messy very easily. You need to keep it cleaned. Usually, we used the same products in the saloon: we shampoo it, brush it, trim it.

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