Airbus Pop.Up Concept

Airbus Pop.Up

Airbus and Italdesign also came up with the idea of developing a flying car. A passenger cabin that can drive or fly as required, in part fully autonomously and electrically driven — this is how the aviation company Airbus envisions the future of mobility. At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show the company showed the concept Airbux Pop.Up. It is a cabin that is coupled to either a chassis or a flight module. The design was made by Italdesign studio.

The idea is: passengers plan and book their journey with an app. The system will then calculate the best transportation options depending on user capabilities, scheduling, traffic conditions and costs. Depending on the capsule is provided with the driving or flight module. Two passengers will be able to sit in the 2.6 m long, 1.4 m high and 1.5 m wide carbon fiber cabin.

If congestion threatens on the way to the destination, the cabin is coupled with the 5 m × 4.4 m flight module with four rotors. This should allow the vehicle to start vertically. Passengers do not need an active flying experience because they should automatically be guided to their destination. After that Airbus Pop.Up automatically moves to a charging station and waits for the next customers.

The power comes from the e-motors (60 kW). The range is about 130 kilometers.

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