Alke ATX110E

Alke ATX

Alke company from the North of Italy produces electric vehicles for over 25 years. Its modern model range Alke ATX includes several types of electric micro trucks with different length and payload.

Alke ATX110E

The ATX110E is a professional, highly maneuverable, flexible and rugged electric powered truck with compact dimensions and load carrying capacity of 645 kg and a pulling load of up to 2,000 kg. This is the short model of the ATX range. The ATX110E has been designed to be used in tight spaces.

Thanks to its small dimensions and its internal steering radius of only 2.6 meters, it can be used, for example, in warehouses, city centers or streets of small towns. Its is powered by an AC 48 V electric motor with a maximum output of 14 kW. The range is 70 km, with charging costs of about 2 €.

Alke ATX210E

This is the lightest of the ATX models with an intermediate loading bed of 180×123 cm. It has a payload of 635 kg. These electric vehicles have European homologation (category L7e). Among the main features you’ll find: AC electric motor rated at 8 kW, with maximum power of 14 kW, regenerative motor brake, controller Curtis with 385 A.

These electric vehicles are equipped with front Mac Pherson suspensions and rear De-Dion axle and stabilizer. The ATX210E differs from the ATX110E in its different dimensions of the loading platform and the different wheelbase. The rear cargo bed of the ATX210E has a length of 180 cm.

Alke ATX230E / ED

The ATX230E is suitable for those applications where an electric vehicle is required that is compact and capable of carrying or hauling heavy loads, both off-road and off-road. The high-performance AC 48 V electric motor also guarantees considerable energy savings thanks to its power output and energy recovery during braking.

At the same time, the 1,000 kg load capacity, the maximum pull capacity of 3,000 kg and the 35% climbability, combined with the small dimensions, make the ATX230E a very mobile and robust vehicle capable of providing the best results even under the most severe working conditions guarantee. The electric motor has a power of 8 kW with maximum power of 14 kW. The model is also available with a twin row cabin (the ED version).

Alke ATX240E / ED

This is the top model which ensures maximum flexibility in terms of battery selection as it can count on quick-charge Lithium batteries or quick-change multiple battery systems. The ATX240E electric vehicle is designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions thanks to its high performance and durability, along with its exceptional load capacity: 1,000 kg payload and 3,000 kg towing capacity.

To ensure permanent grip of all wheels in those places where work is difficult, even in the presence of gravel roads, the ATX240E has MacPherson front suspension and De-Dion rear axle, anti-roll bar, wide tires and dual-circuit hydraulic brakes. The model is also available with a twin row cabin (the ED version).

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