Alma 903 Cabrio

Alma 903 Cabrio

Alma is a Hungary-made small car manufactured by Papa’s brothers as a hobby car for young people and hunters. It was available for a price of 720 000 forints.

Two brothers — Imre and Zsigmond Pápa founded Papa and Papa Ltd. They purchased the plant in Pestódéki Machine Factory to produce Alma microcars. Alma 903 Cabrio, according to Lajos Szorcsik’s patent, is nothing other than the good old Trabant. Alma uses the steel skeleton and its main details from this Western Germany car.

Building of each cabriolet started with the purchase of Trabant. Then they remove all plastic body parts, the sub-frame with a two-stroke engine and transmission, and then empties the passenger compartment. The entire steel frame gets reinforcement.

A new four-cylinder four-stroke engine is installed under the hood. Papa and Papa Ltd. preferred Italian engines from Fiat 127s, Unos and Pandas. These were 903 cc engine with a power of 47 horsepower. Fuel consumption is 5.8 liters per 100 km. 0-100 kph acceleration is 22 seconds. Top speed is 110 kph. Curb weight is 690 kg. Overall dimensions — 3500x1560x1480 mm.

Interior features new seats, doors and the instrument panel from an old Russian Lada 1500-series (it has a speedometer, water temperature gauge and gasoline level indicator).

The quality of the conversion is so entrenched by the manufacturers that they have a one-year and 10,000-kilometer guarantee for their product. The warranty for the (plastic) bodywork is over six years. The price of Alma was 720 000 forints. The car was intended primarily for the Mediterranean countries, especially the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea. But the car did not meet the expected success.

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