Arcimoto Generation 4 prototype

Arcimoto Generation 4 Prototype ‘Darkwing’

For the vast majority of drivers out there – statistically something like 76% of them, the Pulse concept actually fit with how they use cars now. Driving alone to the grocery store for a gallon of milk. Commuting to school, work or the gym. Going golfing on the weekend.

After the launch of the Pulse, Arcimoto began the engineering process to turn the concept into an actual market-ready product. Generation 4, code-named “Darkwing” established and validated a unique new electric vehicle platform. Prototype #4 sports a front wheel drive system, comfortable ergonomics for two passengers and a very low center of gravity.

The prototype caught the attention of Nathan Fillion (aka. Cap’n Mal from Firefly) who flew up to Eugene for a test drive. He tweeted that it “drove like a shark” thanks to the low CG of the battery pack. According to the official information the range is 40 to 160 miles.

Arcimoto Generation 4 Prototype videos

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