Paul Arzens L’Oeuf Electrique

Arzens L’Oeuf Electrique

Paul Arzens (1903-1990) was a famous French industrial designer, highly recognized for his railway designs. Arzens, was a painter by profession but immediately realized the importance of design in machines.

Throughout his professional career, his rich and inexhaustible imagination allowed him, in parallel to his railway design work for the SNCF (Societe Nationale des Chemins de fer Francais), to create futuristic airplanes and some unique cars that looked like they were taken from a science fiction movie.

The microcar L’Oeuf Electrique (“Electric Egg”) was manufactured by Paul Arzens under occupation conditions in 1942. Since the Germans did not release gasoline to private individuals, the designer made the “Egg” electric.

In addition to the distinctive futuristic body design approaching the ideal streamlined egg shape, Arzens also used new materials in its construction – hand-formed aluminum for the body, as well as transparent plexiglass for the windshield and curved side doors (plexiglass had just appeared in France at that time). time and has not yet been used by designers).

L’Oeuf was equipped with an electric motor, which powered a single rear wheel. The L’Oeuf car reached speeds of up to 80 km/h and moved perfectly in urban traffic.

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