BAW Jiabao

BAW Jiabao

Beijing company BAW, which is part of the BAIC concern, presented its EV microcar in 2022. Moreover, we will see not one, but two electric vehicles at once: along with the three-door BAW Yuanbao 3-door, an elongated five-door BAW Jiabao (also known as BAW S5) will appear.

The five-door BAW Jiabao uses the same units as the short BAW Yuanbao, but it’s not just an extended version with two extra doors. The hatchback is endowed with a different design with original body elements, and even the trunk is deeper than the 3-door BAW Yuanbao. The interior of the long Yuanbao model is designed for 4 people.

The BAW Jiabao boasts a square and condensed structural form, featuring a traditional enclosed grille design common among electric vehicles on its front facade. Its dimensions, at 3532/1498/1605mm and a 2275mm wheelbase, classify it as a mini EV. The vehicle flaunts a suspended roof outline when viewed from the side, along with 13-inch wheels.

BAW Jiabao

The BAW Jiabao features a single rear-mounted motor capable of producing 25 kW and 100 Nm of torque. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of either 10.88 kWh or 15.12 kWh, providing a CLTC range of 122 km or 172 km, respectively. Unfortunately, fast charging is not an option and it takes 7 hours to fully charge the battery using the slow charge method.

The interior boasts a sleek and vibrant design with a fusion of blue and black tones. The deluxe model features a dual setup display with a 10.25-inch instrument panel and a 10.25-inch control center screen. On the other hand, the standard model includes a 7-inch instrument panel and a 7-inch control center screen in its dual-screen configuration. Other highlights of the vehicle include a plastic double-spoke steering wheel, a tire pressure monitoring display, a remote control key, comfortable cloth seats, seamless voice control and a 2-speaker audio system.

BAW Yuanbao 5-door (or BAW S5) prototype

This is what the 2022 prototype looks like. It has slightly different front and rear bumpers, as well as several other stylistic differences.

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