Bolt Nano

Bolt Nano

Usain Bolt, the Olympic champion and the fastest man on the planet, decided to plunge into the world of electric transport.

In recent months, Bolt has made a name in the world of electric cars, presented 3 fully electric scooters, which are called Bolt Original, Bolt One and Bolt Chariot. The Jamaican athlete, who became a businessman, says that his scooters are ideal for traveling at distances of up to 3 km, while the new compact sitycar Bolt Nano is best suited to travel between 3 and 24 km.

Technical information about the new EV hasn’t been shared yet, but it is known that the Nano will have a rechargeable battery. Just like the Renault Twizy, the Nano was designed to carry only two passengers, and it is so small that 4 of these cars can fit in a standard parking space.

Usain Bolt believes that Nano can be especially useful in joint travel programs. Like scooter sharing programs that are available around the world, users will be able to park and leave the Nano anywhere. Then, electric vehicle company personnel can drive around and replace the Nano batteries, making sure they are fully charged for the next user. In addition, a network of charging stations for the Nano will be built, where it can be charged and put the battery on the docking station.

“Bolt conducted extensive research on urban areas and is ready to revolutionize transportation. We believe that we can provide a scooter that will help in solving problems of transit, including traffic jams, without affecting the comfort of pedestrians,” — the official website says.

It is not yet known when and where the production of the Nano will begin, but the cost of the new EV has already been determined. The price of Bolt Nano will be about 9,999 US dollars.

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