The German company Canyon has presented a concept of the future transport: from the outside it looks like a car, but inside it is an electric bike.

The company believes that their project is “a revolutionary alternative to both a car and a bicycle”: unlike a bicycle, a driver is closed from wind and rain, he has additional space for belongings; unlike a car, this vehicle is cleaner and more agile.

The Canyon is more than two meters long and 83 cm wide. It is compact enough to move in heavy traffic. There is enough space behind the driver’s seat for luggage, groceries or a child under the age of 11.

The driver sits like in a normal car, but the vehicle is controlled by two joysticks under the seat. You can get inside by opening the door or sliding the upper part of the body and jumping inside, much like in a bobsled.

The EV has two speed modes: up to 25 km/h on a cycle path if the driver pedals, and up to 60 km/h on a normal road if a battery is used (its capacity is 2 kWh). Canyon hopes that their transport will also accelerate the development of infrastructure in cities with an emphasis on bicycles rather than cars.

“Combining the next generation of lightweight and powerful e-bike design with four-wheel stability and storm-proof protection from the elements, our Future Mobility Concept represents a decisive step in re-imagining how bicycle technology can reclaim space on the streets,” Canyon says. “It is a clean vehicle, a statement, and a sign of what’s to come.”

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