CityQ Car-eBike

CityQ Car-eBike

In June 2020, Norwegian company CityQ has opened pre-orders for Car-eBike, a mixture of electric cars and bicycles. The model is designed for trips to the supermarket, to work, for the child to school/kindergarten.

Car-eBike is a four-wheeled vehicle with a roof that protects from the sun, rain, wind and snow. Let the electric bike industry now be on a sharp rise, in the cold season owners will have to transfer to something more practical.

The microcar has pedals, but there are no chains or gears. When you pedal, a program is launched that controls the systems of the machine. A pair of batteries guarantees a range of 70–100 km depending on the load (model weight – 70 kg, load capacity – 300 kg). Motor power – 250 watts. The maximum speed is 25 km/h.

You can choose a fully closed version of Car-eBike with doors and windows or a partially open version. There are places for two adults or one adult and two children inside. There is the trunk in the rear, ready to receive food packages.

Car-eBike is a very compact car which can be parked in any parking lot. The width is only 870 mm, half as much as a conventional passenger car. Interestingly, European officials think that Car-eBike is an electric bicycle. Public roads and bike paths are open for him (get ready for goggles), but the highways are closed.

CityQ says that Car-eBike got the technology and comfort from the electric cars, and the compactness and maneuverability from the bikes. The development of an unusual hybrid took 3 years. You can make a pre-order for 99€, while the total price is 6000€. Deliveries are scheduled for next year.

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