Crosley Farm-O-Road

Crosley Farm-O-Road

At first glance, this small car seems like a funny garage craft made microcar for schoolchildren, but it is not. In fact, this farmer’s assistant was mass-produced, and despite its ridiculous appearance, in a number of characteristics the machine resembles a mini-tractor. This is the little-known Crosley Farm-O-Road. The name speaks for itself – the machine is designed to work on a farm, but it can also be driven on roads.

Production started in 1949 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Just not far from a potential consumer. The Crosley Motors company was quite famous at the time, producing small cars atypical for North America. When creating a farm SUV, most of the already existing units and parts were used, and the body was made as simple as possible.

Under the hood here we find a tiny four-cylinder water-cooled carburetor engine. Its volume is only 725 cc, and its power is about 26 hp. Such engines were also used in motor pumps and electric generators.

There is a three-speed gearbox joined with a two-speed transfer case. Crosley Farm-O-Road was rear drive only but there is a power take-off shaft to the rear hitch, thanks to which it was possible to use mechanized agricultural implements, though only while driving. PTO did not work during parking.

It is curious that the vehicle has disc brakes on all four corners. This is in 1949, let me remind you. The suspension of both axles is dependent on springs. The rear wheels are dual-slope.

The body is primitive, like any mini tractor. There are two places and surprisingly an informative instrument panel. In addition to the speedometer, there are fuel and oil pressure gauges, water temperature and ammeter. They just took the instrument cluster from an existing car.

Despite its modest power, this car could work even with a plow and harrow, but it was not very popular. In 1952, Crosley Motors went bankrupt, production of all cars ceased, Farm-O-Road managed to collect about 600 copies.

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