DAF "Rijdende Regenjas"

DAF “Rijdende Regenjas”

The single-seat 3-wheeled microcar DAF “Rijdende Regenjas” was created in 1941/1942 by Hubert Van Doorn, founder of the automobile company DAF, who was considering this car as a vehicle that could be stored in the hallway of a house. The nickname translates to English as ‘Mobile Raincoat’. As it was only 80 cm wide, it would pass through most front doors.

The 3-wheeler was equipped with a 125 cc motorcycle 1-cylinder engine. The car had a hydraulic torque converter, developed by DAF. The folding roof acted as an emergency exit in case the car turned over and ended up on its sigle door.

Van Doorn planned to expand the production of the microcar in the post-war period, but it did not come to their realization, In 1947 the car was donated to the circus in Eindhoven, where it was used in performances by two clowns.

Subsequently, DAF “Rijdende Regenjas” was returned to the company, where it was placed in the museum.

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