Eagle EG6330K

Eagle EG6330K

China is famous for its copy-cat LSEVs (low-speed electric vehicles). A brand new example is this Eagle EG6330K inspired by the coolest BMW 600 microcar.

It is made by Suzhou Eagle company from Suzhou in Jiangsu Province. Chinese designers decided to rebuild the body and replace the single front door with regular 4 side doors. We also like the shape of the front bumper — it’s so French sexy!

EG6330K will enter the market in the nearest future. The exact price in still unknown, but we think it should be at the level of $4,000. Power comes from an electric motor with 5.3 horses, mated to a 72 kWh lead-acid battery. The engine is located above the front axle. Top speed is 60 kilometers per hour and range is 120 kilometers.

The body with overall dimensions of 3300/1470/1470 mm has place for 4 passengers. Wheelbase is 1940 mm. Curb weight — 750 kg.

It sure is a nice looking little thing, with headlights on the far sides of the bonnet and a neat retro grille just above the retro bumper. Inside you’ll find black plastic, big air vents, an a decent radio. The interior also features analog gauges while the most LSEVs have digital instrument panels.

The main market for the Eagle EG6330K is youngsters living in big cities and can be used as short-distance taxis’. The main problem is: the young just don’t think an LSEV is cool enough to spend any money on. Well, perhaps Eagle can try to sell ‘m the EG6330K.

Eagle EG6330K photos

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