Fomm Concept One


The FOMM One EV from Japan, which was presented for the first time in 2014 (as the Concept One), is scheduled to go into production in December 2018. It was developed by a former Toyota engineer and fitted with two motor wheels. He is flood proof and can even swim.

The four-seater microcar comes to a length of almost 2.50 meters, a width of just 1.30 meters and is 1.55 meters high. The two electric motors accelerate the 460 kg vehicle to up to 80 kph. The range is given up to 100 kilometers.

But it is much more exciting why the concept was developed: the manufacturer was inspired by the Japanese tsunamis in 2011. The former Toyota engineer Hideo Tsurumaki witnessed the devastation of the tsunamis up close. His goal was therefore to develop a vehicle that remains ready to drive even during floods. The bulk of Fomms research has therefore focused on the technology of water propulsion. The team also worked with scientists from the University of Tokyo.

FOMM One EV photos

FOMM One EV video

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