Honda Ie-Mobi Concept

Honda Ie-Mobi Concept

The Honda Ie-Mobi Concept is an electric car that connects the home to the vehicle. The name can be translated from Japanese as ‘home’. Honda Ie-Mobi Concept enables the exchange of power between the vehicle and a house. It can also be used as a small room with a size of approx. 4.95 sq.meters.

It is intended to transport VIP guests from one part of a villa to another, car walks in a park or inner areas of a large enterprise, technoparks, stadiums, etc. It’s hard to imagine how successfully this car will go through crash tests, but there’s no reason to worry about this. In some cases, this prototype can be used as an emergency source of energy for your home.

There are three practically furniture chairs inside which are mounted on a flat wooden floor. Honda Ie-Mobi Concept can be integrated in your house, so you don’t need a garage anymore.

Honda Ie-Mobi Concept photos

Honda Ie-Movi Concept video

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