Isard Royal T 700

Isard Royal T 700

Isard Royal T 700 was produced in Argentina by Isard Argentina SACIF under license from Germany company Glas. Back in the 60s, this 2-door car was one of the smallest coupes in Argentina. A little bigger than a microcar, but much smaller than a normal car.

The T 700’s engine was an air-cooled four-stroke twin cylinder. The displacement was 682 cc with a power of 30 DIN CV or 33.9 HP SAE at 4,900 rpm. The compression was 7.3:1. The cylinder diameter — 78 millimeters and the piston stroke — 72 millimeters.

Despite the size of the Isard Royal T 700, it had rear-wheel drive, something strange for such a small car with a front engine. Thanks to this, the T 700 had the largest trunk for its class. The load capacity of the trunk was increased because the spare tire was located under the hood.

The front suspension was independent with two arms in the shape of the letter “A”. The upper arm located crosswise and the lower arm longitudinally. The right and left upper longitudinal arms were different. It also featured two coil springs with two hydraulic shock absorbers inside.The rear suspension was a rigid axle with two semi-elliptical three-leaf springs located longitudinally. Two hydraulic shock absorbers completed the rear axle.

The brakes were hydraulic drums on all four wheels. The parking brake was mechanically actuated on the rear wheels. The gearbox has four gears plus one reverse gear. One of the T 700’s feature was the speed diagram near the gear lever located on the floor.

The first gear was located to the left and down, like a car with three speeds. In the upper left was the second gear, the third gear was located to the right and down. At the top right it had the fourth speed. A rare setup for a four-speed gearbox. The clutch was a single disc with a mechanical drive operated by a Bowden cable.

The dimensions of the T 700 were as follows: length 3,420 millimeters, width 1,470 millimeters, height 1,379 millimeters, wheelbase 2,000 millimeters, front gauge 1,200 millimeters and rear gauge 1,170 millimeters. The curb weight was 640 kilograms, payload was 302 kilograms. Total weight was 942 kilograms. Capacity of the fuel tank was 40 liters, with 6 liters of reserve. The tire sizes were 520×12.

The maximum speed of the T 700 was 112 km/h. It needs 50 seconds to reach 100 km/h. Fuel consumption was 14.5 kilometers per liter in the city and 18.9 kilometers per liter at 80 km/h.

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