Jiayuan Komi

Jiayuan Komi

Founded in 1982, the Chinese company Jiayuan Electric Vehicles already sells City Spirit electric vehicles in the UK and Spain. The new Komi model will also go outside the PRC, but so far it has launched on the domestic market with a price range of 45,800–67,800 yuan ($7,180–$10,600).

There is a choice of rear and front-wheel drive, electric motors with a capacity of 20 kW (27 HP, 90 Nm) and 30 kW (41 HP, 110 Nm), as well as batteries with a capacity of 17.8–35 kWh. Range varies from 161 to 322 km (NEDC). Dimensions of the four-seater: 2998 × 1522 × 1555 mm, wheelbase – 2000. The curb weight is 1278 kg. Tire dimensions: 165/55 R15. The maximum speed is 100 km/h.

The interior is finished with plastic and fabric. There is a multifunction steering wheel, digital instrument panel, air conditioning, a media center with a seven-inch touchscreen and Baidu CarLife interface, an electronic parking brake. Jiayuan Komi is equipped with ABS, ESP, two airbags and cruise control. Headlights – halogen, taillights – LED. There are keyless entry and start.

The grille with five U-shaped slots is reminiscent of the Jeep brand and the BAIC BJ40 SUVs. The car will have plenty of competitors: Wuling Mini EV, Wuling Nano EV, Chery QQ, KiWi EV, Pocco Duoduo, Lingbao Coco and others.

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