Lingyun 1703

Lingyun 1703

Chinese start-up Beijing Lingyun Intelligent Technology Co. from Beijing developed a two-wheeled car with a self-balancing system. The small vehicle called Lingyun 1703 has an electric engine, and also lacks steering and pedals – it’s a fully autonomous vehicle.

The single capsule resembles something between the car and the bike: it has a completely closed body with two side doors and two wheels. The length of the car is three meters, width – a meter. A gyro is installed under the seat, allowing the car to maintain balance, and under the doors there are retractable wheels that support it during parking.

The Lingyun 1703 can reach up to 100 kilometers per hour and travel about a hundred kilometers on one battery charge. The prototype has no traditional controls: only a large monitor is installed in front of a single rider. Beijing Lingyun also built a second prototype with a steering wheel and pedals.

According to the founder of the company Zhu Lin-Yun, he took up the creation of the car under the impression of the conceptual gyrocar Ford Gyron in 1961. At first he managed to attract investments in the amount of 470 thousand dollars, a year later he was supported by larger companies, having invested 10 million in the company. Now Lin-Yun expects to raise another 30 million to prepare for serial production. If this succeeds, Lin-Yun hopes to expand the production of cars in 2020. According to his calculations, with runs of five to ten thousand a year, his electric car could cost about one hundred thousand yuan, or about 15,000 USD.

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