Pente 600

Pente 600

János Pentelényi, learning from the mistakes of the Pente 500, made the larger and more powerful Pente 600 in 1947. It was equipped with a more powerful 600 cc engine. The first passengers’ faces were no longer uncomfortably close to windscreen, but the streamlined body still offered space for four people.  The U-shaped chassis with friction dampers and the 3 + 1 gearbox have proven their worth in the predecessor. Pentelényi decided not to change them.

For a while the 18 hp 600 cc engine was installed in the original chassis, leading to some confusion on whether one or two cars were built. Eventually the 2nd prototype was completed and also extensively tested.

The promising attempts were ended by politics: by 1948, nationalization and the complete restructuring of the economy were already underway. In October 1948, all experiments were ordered to be stopped. From the next year János Pentelényi continued his career as chief engineer of the Csepel Car Factory.

However, he was given permission to use the Pente 600 as long as he wants. It was in daily use until 1954. Later the car ended up in a collection of the Hungarian Museum of Transport and Technology. János Pentelényi passed away in 1997, and his remains are now in the Közlekedési Múzeum in Hungary.


  • Engine displacement: 600 cc
  • Power: 18 hp
  • Gearbox: manual, 3+1
  • Seats: 4

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