Saleen Maimai

This weekend in China Saleen presented a compact electric microcar Maimai. Back in 2003, Saleen acquired a license to manufacture MyCar electric cars developed by EuAuto Technology from Hong Kong. Later, all rights to the car went to GreenTech Automotive, which planned to start selling in America, but never entered the local market. The new Maimai is the same MyCar with minor changes.

The newly-made Saleen Maimai, which is only three meters long, differs by the redesigned front end (the exterior of the original model was developed by Giugiaro at the time). He has a 2-seat interior with six airbags, 109 hp electric motor and a 35 kWh traction battery. The company promises that a machine with a curb weight of 1,100 kg will be able to drive 305 km on a single charge.

The company also showed a more sporty version with a modified front panel and a comically large rear spoiler.

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