SEAB Flipper

This is 1978 SEAB Flipper — the car that you can drive without a driving license. The Flipper is interesting because it’s not content to be just another little car. They needed some other angle for it that made a compelling and that’s where the Flipper name comes in.

So of course this makes the SEAB Flipper so amazing. It does not look like anything else and no other car looks like it. But this aesthetic originality is not the only one since it is accompanied by some technical peculiarities. The entire drivetrain in the front is on a pivot. It can go 360 degrees.

Under the hood is a little ADLX two-stroke 1 cylinder air-cooled engine about 47 cc that makes 5 horsepower. The engine, fuel tank and other important systems are installed on the pivot that allows the entire engine to turn around. If I turn the wheel a whole engine pivots, if you want to go back or did you just flip it all the way around. It’s nuts. It’s not like driving anything else. The gearbox is 2-speed automatic.

The driver has to make 5 turns of the steering wheel to reverse. I don’t know that’s easier than any kind of normal shifting? It’s weird. It doesn’t feel like regular steering because you’re moving the whole engine. It’s like you’re in a tiny kind of horse carriage being pulled by an animal.

The SEAB Flipper is about as cheap as you could possibly make a car. The Plexiglas windows are interested in the weird half-sandwich style diagonal flip up business. There is a little bench for 2 inside and  surprisingly deep storage in the dashboard.

The rest of its features are more classic. The inside trunk can store the basket of a housewife or the briefcase of the youngest (provided that this charming blonde head agrees to ride in it). You can also order an additional external trunk as an option. The front bumper was another option. Finally, remember that Flipper has a nice and robust little tubular frame.

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