Tabby EVO

OSVehicle has unveiled its latest open source hardware platform, which includes files and blueprints for creating an electric car called Tabby EVO. This project is intended for both enthusiasts and startups interested in the creation of electric vehicles, as well as for educational and personal purposes.

In 2012, OSVehicle came up with the idea to bring a new vision to the transport industry. A team of creative engineers with a passion for cars wanted to revolutionize an aging industry that is desperate for innovation and sustainability.

In 2013, a Hong Kong company made its first public appearance during Maker Faire Europe, showing off its first Tabby creation – an electric car that you can assemble in an hour in your own garage. The new Tabby EVO can also be built within an hour in a moderately equipped workshop.

The car is powered by a 80v / 15 kW electric transmission with a range of 87 miles (ca. 140 km). Maximum speed is 80 mph (130 km/h). Thanks to the modernized structure and suspension, an electric vehicle has the legal right to drive the streets of Europe and the USA, and can also be used on off-road trips.

Drawings and design files are open for free download, which allows interested parties to download data with plans and lists of spare parts and build their own electric car, as well as share their modifications and improvements with others. The assembly of the Tabby EVO vehicle platform will cost about $4,000.

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