Toyota Camatte Petta

Toyota Camatte Petta

Remember the joys of having your dad taking you through some of the features of a car when you were a child, and letting you hop behind the wheel occasionally?

Well, Toyota to open a special driving school for children, called Camatte, and annonced its opening on June 1 at the 2017 International Tokyo Toy Show in Japan.

Young visitors to the brand’s stand will learn how to use the throttle, brake, and steering on a simulator, and then they will put their skills to work, around an ad-hoc test track, set up within the stand. Kids will use a special little roadster to do so, the Camatte Petta, which is the latest iteration of concept cars that the company had presented at the show in the past 5 years.

Before getting behind the wheel, the young ones will get to personalize the look of their cars, with panel designs, and colorful magnetic decals for the bodywork, and after completing the challenge, they will be awarded with their own ‘driver’s license’, complete with photo.

Toyota have also thought about those too young or not tall enough to get into the Camatte Petta, as they will learn how to operate a car using a driving simulator, before sitting in the Camatte 57 Concept, and being given a ‘provisional’ license.

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