Belarusian company ‘String Technologies’ showed a prototype of a microcar for disabled people – Unimobile. Interesting that the disabled person will drive the car himself sitting right in the wheelchair. To make this possible an electromechanical lock was developed, one part of which is located on the floor and the other on the wheelchair. The enter and exit is through the rear reclining door, part of which turns into a loading platform lifted using hydraulic cylinders.

The car is controlled with a steering wheel and joystick. There are regular pedals also as a reserve. They are needed if a healthy driver will take control of the car. This is done by simply rolling the passenger seat to the left and fixing it accordingly. The seat belts remain in the usual places.

The Unimobile uses a frame-panel technology. Lithium-ion batteries, inverter and electronics made in China, the suspension has parts from Renault and other companies. The range is 150-200 km.

The project still does not have a distinct business model, the prime cost has not been calculated, the design has not been fixed. This, in fact, is only a concept that can be embodied in different bodies.

Unimobile photos

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