Volt e1

Volt e1

The 3-door Volt e1 from Argentina has been designed for two adults and two children under the age of 12, There is a 300-liter trunk as well. The electric car has top speed of 110 kph and has range of 150 km. Sales should be started in March-April 2019. The initial price is 750,000 Argentine pesos (19,500 USD), but the first 3,000 buyers will receive cars with a discount – for 650,000 (16,850 USD).

The design is called Vanguardista (that means “avantgarde”). Length – 2800 mm (+105 to Smart Fortwo), width – 1700, height – 1500 mm. With its own weight of 550 kg, the Volt e1 can carry up to 300 kilos. “Travel for 100 km at the price of a cup of coffee”, – the company says.

The body is made of composite materials, carbon fiber and kevlar. Control is provided through a single pedal. The microcar has a two-year factory warranty without mileage limit.

Digital 10-inch instrument panel is supplemented by a 16-inch touch screen, which displays the picture “with the effect of bird flight”. There will also be a projection display on the windshield. And one airbag.

Volt Motors, founded three years ago in Cordoba by engineer Daniel Parodi, claims that the Volt e1 electric car is entirely developed in Argentina. The company with a staff of 50 employees received an investment of 200 million pesos (about 5 million USD) and a license from the Ministry of Industry. To be as close as possible to the final consumer, it was decided to expand production in five main regions of the country, including Buenos Aires and Patagonia.

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