Zhidou D3

Zhidou D3

November 2017, sales of a budget electric microcar Zhidou D3 started in China. It costs only $7,500, equivalent to the price of a professional camera.

Zhidou D3 is a small 2-seat microcar with a length of 2975 mm, a width of 1585 mm and a height of 1590 mm. It has an original design with a wide radiator grille and low tilt angles of the roof racks. The Chinese electric car is driven by a 41-horsepower engine and can reach up to 100 kph. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery at 17.5 kWh allows to drive about 170 km without recharging.

There are three displays on the front dashboard. Standard equipment includes air conditioning, rear view camera and 2 airbags.

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