A pensioner from Ukraine created an electric microcar from an old piano and sofa

In the Bashtanka, Ukraine, a pensioner created an electric car from scrap materials – an old piano, a sofa and a box from a music center. His name is Bogdan Lipchuk, he is 73 years old and he is a former school physics teacher.

“I had a dream to make an electric car like this. I tried to do it during the Soviet Union … Now, when I retired, I decided to do it for my family, for my grandchildren,” said the inventor.

The home-built electric car is already the second generation, the first was created 9 years ago. A car with wheels from an old Soviet collective farm wheelbarrow accelerates to 20 km/h. Of course, the pensioner’s car looks extremely comical, it is certainly fun, but nevertheless, it really works.

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