Mini with a helicopter engine

Mini with a helicopter engine trolls Pagani Huayra BC in Las Vegas

You probably wonder if it is possible to modify Mini hatchback the way it can beat Pagani Huayra. Yes, you can make it using V12 from a helicopter. This Mini known as ‘Kingtasma’ is a real proof.

The turbocharged engine is mounted right behind the front seats and spits fire through the roof! According to information, the engine is taken from a C10 helicopter.

“[The tech setup is] 100% functional with limitations. Due to several factors, it tops out at only about 168mph. It’s a turbine from a C10 helicopter,” we are being told.

You can check the race of this crazy Mini with a 2.5 million dollars Pagani Huayra BC which production is limited to 20 pcs.

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