The Designer Of The 2001 Mini Cooper Reveals His Secrets

Frank Stephenson is an automotive designer who has drawn lots of cars that you most likely know. Among them, we can mention the Fiat 500, Ferrari F430, or even the Mini Cooper! It is the latter that we will talk about, since the designer has just created his YouTube channel in which he posted a first video to explain the stylistic genesis of the Mini Cooper.

We are at the end of the 90s and Frank Stephenson has a hard task — to draw the Mini Cooper of modern times. In this episode, the designer uses a pen and a white sheet of paper to draw the Mini Cooper while providing explanations.

He explains that, for example, the Mini Cooper is a car that can be broken down into three separate parts: the roof, the windows and the body. It also details the front face with its round lights and its grille reminiscent of an iconic dog breed in the United Kingdom, the Bulldog.

As for the rear, it dissects the lights. You would think that this piece is easy to draw and that it poses absolutely no problem. Well, that is not at all the case since Frank Stephenson had to fight so that the lights were not associated with the opening of the trunk. Manufacturers used to put the lights immediately near the opening of the trunk to simplify production.

This video is interesting to watch, especially since Frank Stephenson promises to publish more videos of this type. As indicated at the beginning of the article, the man worked for various manufacturers, including McLaren, it is he who hides behind the pencil stroke of the 720S.

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