The first car from Tajikistan turnes out to be more economical than the Prius

The first car of the local design has been presented in Tajikistan. 28-year-old craftsman Jamoliddin Ashurov assembled it in just 2 months.

The author says that he decided to create an inexpensive car for local people, because there is a lack of low-end models in Tajikistan. He bought the parts on the market, and the design was fully developed by himself, which he was especially proud of.

To be honest, we do not quite understand what you can be proud of. The result was a miniature 2-seat ugly pickup weighing only 157 kg and its carrying capacity is 215 kg. But fuel consumption is only 3 l/100 km. Now the only prototype was handmade by Jamoliddin Ashurov. The mass production model promises to be a little larger.

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