Luvly O

Luvly O

The Swedish company Luvly is preparing to launch a tiny, super-efficient electric car for city life called Luvly O. They plan to sell it according to the IKEA principle: a set of parts in a cardboard box.

The dimensions of Luvly O are 2.7 x 1.53 x 1.44 meters. The electric car weighs only 380 kg, about five times less than the Tesla Model 3. Due to the light weight, the energy consumption is only 60 Wh/km, which is about two to four times less than that of “full-size” electric cars.

Luvly O comes standard with a 6.4 kWh battery consisting of two separate, removable blocks weighing 15 kg each. Such a unit can be charged in about an hour from a standard European 220-230V outlet. The maximum speed of the city car is 90 km/h.

Luvly O

The interior of the electric car is designed for two people. There is also a trunk for 267 liters of cargo, which allows you to use the Luvly O for “last mile” deliveries. The body has a sandwich structure with additional energy-absorbing foam. The company believes this will improve passenger safety.

The Luvly O will be available in every country in the world and will cost only 10,000 euros ($11,127). Unlike IKEA, these won’t be assembled by the end user, but flat-pack shipping will allow a single shipping container to hold the parts required for 20 total cars, rather than needing a pure car carrying ship or loading one to four fully-assembled standard-sized cars in a container.

At the end of its life, all parts of an electric vehicle will be recycled.

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