Arcimoto Rapid Responder

American firefighters will test a three-wheeled electric car Arcimoto Rapid Responder

The fire department in Eugene, Oregon, USA, will test Arcimoto’s three-wheeled electric vehicle.

This is an electric car Arcimoto Rapid Responder. It was introduced a little less than a year ago – especially for emergency services. Arcimoto has signed an agreement with the fire department in Eugene, Oregon, to test this model, and this test program has now begun.

As Mark CEO Mark Frohnmayer notes, Arcimoto Rapid Responder is convenient because it is much more compact compared to conventional fire engines and can travel to places inaccessible to them; in addition, the model is completely electric, so it does not produce harmful emissions, unlike traditional vehicles.

The maximum speed that Arcimoto Rapid Responder can develop is 120 kph; the power range when driving in the city is approximately 160 kilometers.


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