Tom Hanks' Fiat 126p

Carlex Design tuned Polski-Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks

Do you know the story around Tom Hanks and the Polski-Fiat 126p? Tom Hanks (“For Away Gump”, “Castaway”) had published some pictures on his Twitter account with a Fiat 126p at the end of last year and joked “So exited about my new car”. This post was made in Budapest, during shooting the film” Inferno”. The Polish fans of Tom Hanks have decided to give the world star such a cult car.

A short time later, the car was completely restored and the interior was made by the Polish team Carlex Design. As expected, the result is absolutely phenomenal and the little Fiat 126p, with the surname “Maluszek – Maluch”, looks definitely better than 43 years ago, when he ran off the line.

In the interior, the design is partly oriented to the keys of a typewriter. A hobby of Tom Hanks is to write with a typewriter and that offered itself naturally. But it was important not to change the character of the vehicle and to create something unique.

This is certainly true! A highlight is also idea with a lot of accents to remember the Polish city Bielska-Białej. A few details about the interior: The backrest of the passenger seat is provided with a small pocket with the sign “Bielska-Białej for Tom Hanks”. On the other hand, the driver’s seat carries a bag bearing the inscription “126p”. The complete interior is covered with new leather colored in yellow & black.

Tom Hank’s Fiat 126p gets the newly designed tachometer with “Bielska-Białej for Tom Hanks” lettering. It is also completely wrapped in leather and has a smart seam. The mileage is “zero”, which probably also corresponds to the vehicle condition. Further changes are a completely leather-covered roof sky, a fully lined footwell and even the door lock pins carry a new design with Carlex initials. And as already mentioned, the vehicle was also completely restored outside and was responsible for the team of BB Oldtime garage. They cut the 126p down to the last detail and installed a completely new mechanism, painted it inside and outside and have also completely renewed the electronics.

The restoration took more than two months. The complete body, including the steel rims, was painted in the plain glossy white and everything looks exactly as if the 126p straight from the factory, just better! Tom Hanks gets the vehicle delivered to the USA.

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