Leyland Mini with BMW E30 M3 styling

Cute Leyland Mini with BMW E30 M3 styling

Sometimes cars tries to be not what they actually are. Just imagine a cute Leyland Mini with a styling of the best car in the world — BMW E30 M3. Like this one you see on the photos, which were found on Craiglist in the UK. Here what the owner says about his car:

It was driving when it came off the boat and I haven’t run it since. The carb has been removed to test another car, and I was planning to put the carb back on and let my son drive it to school but he has interest in something else. Would make a great project car. This is ready to go and drive after you put carb back on (Carb is with car). Will need some trim items like window handle. This is a right-hand drive car. Stored in my garage and I just got it out to wash it up,” the owner explains in the ad.

We like the British Racing Green paint on this ‘FrankenMini’, but we don’t see how you could trick anybody into believing you’re driving an M3, but we have to admit that we didn’t see this contraption coming. Oh, and we have told you that the machine is reportedly stored inside a garage.

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