Elektro Frosch L2E

Elektro Frosch electric tricycle is the perfect camper for introverts

Elektro Frosch from Berlin has created an electric tricycle that turns into a micro camper for single travelers. The L2E is equipped with an extensive camping kit and tent, which is mounted on a vehicle trailer.

The tent can accommodate two people. There is also an expandable kitchen with all the necessary tools, including a stove, dishes, cutlery and a small dining table.

The camping kit is completely removable and lightweight, so customers can choose between a mini camper and an electric three-wheeled truck with a payload of 1,157 pounds (525 kg). L2E is equipped with an electric drive with a capacity of 3.4 hp, powered by a gel battery with a capacity of 4.3 kWh, the charging time of which is 6-8 hours. The range on a single charge is 37 miles (60 km) and a top speed of 25 miles per hour (40 km / h).

The camper in “Pro” version with a full driver’s cab and ceramic heater costs from 4,990 euros (5500 US dollars). There is also a “Big” camper with an air doorless cabin that starts at 3,990 euros (about 4,400 US dollars) for a vehicle and a full camping kit.

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