Fiat 500 boat

Fiat 500 Goes Swim After Combination With A Jet Ski

This is the Fiat 500 on a lake which can actually drive on water. Or well, can move on water. Explanation follows.

The yellow copy of the Fiat 500 is not much of a “car”. It is only the body of a Fiat 500, including windows and doors. The wheels don’t turn and there are no seats inside either. It is therefore certainly not an amphibious vehicle, because to transport it over land you quickly need a boat trailer. Inside we find a surprise.

The body of the Fiat 500 is placed on a boat frame, or rather a jet ski Seadoo RXP 215. It can be that simple. There is also little talk of finishing, the Fiat is therefore mainly used as a promotional offer for an Italian boat sale or rental. But what about the weight of the new body? Without interior and engine, the Fiat 500 will not be particularly heavy for 215 hp jet ski.

Fiat 500 boat

This Fiat 500 is for sale as a used car, but on a boat website. It will be an expensive Fiat 500, because without an engine and interior, the seller still wants 20,000 euros for it. For a Fiat 500 with 215 hp, that is not much at all.

For a jet ski with a car body it is a bit on the expensive side, it has a fairly high one-trick-pony content. It is fun and special anyway. Making people turn their necks 180 degrees when you speed past with a Fiat 500, on the water (!), that seems to be a guarantee.

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