Fiat 500F Carabineri

Fiat 500F of Italian carabinieri was sold for almost 10k euros

Official equipment of law enforcement agencies is associated either with brutal and often armored vehicles, or with powerful vehicles for the prosecution of violators. But the main part, of course, is ordinary cars with minimal modifications for everyday service. There was an original Fiat 500 hatchback among them.

This model was used by the Italian carabinieri in their service. Released in 1970, the Fiat 500F hatchback is equipped with an air-cooled 18-horsepower flat-twin engine with a volume of only 500 cc. The engine of the rear-wheel drive car is combined with a 4-speed manual transmission.

The differences of the version for carabinery are limited to applying a branded livery with red stripes and white Carabinieri inscriptions to the dark blue bodywork. The wheels with stylish chrome caps are painted to match the body, and there is a blue flashing beacon on the roof.

As the seller notes, the car is ready for operation, but some works on an electrician and a body are required. Finally it was sold for 9,800 euros.

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