Mini EV Conversion

Not an extra gram: the classic Mini has been turned into an electric car

The official Mini dealer in Australia has worked with Fellten Australia to transform the classic compact Mini into an electric car. The original engine and transmission were removed from the 1995 Mini for the first time. They were replaced by a special subframe and an electric power plant installed on top.

Impressively, the finished electric car weighs the same as before the conversion, and even maintains the same weight distribution. How is this possible? Firstly, the Mini is equipped with a small 19 kWh traction battery that powers a small 100 hp electric motor with a torque of 175 Nm. The classic Mini can travel up to 175 km on a full battery charge and accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 8 seconds.

Fellten Australia has also equipped the car with a regenerative braking system that offers two modes – City and Sport. There is also a place for liquid heating in the car. It is also impressive that all new parts are mounted in standard places and do not require any modernization of the car.

“The topic of electric vehicles has never been more relevant than it is today, especially in Australia where the adoption of electric vehicles is still in its infancy, and we have the opportunity to shape the thinking in this direction,” said Dave Budge, Fellten’s Product Director.

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