Renault Twingo AI-generated

Renault Collaborates with AI to Revamp the Twingo

Renault wants to conquer mountains, deserts, oceans and even the hearts of campers and space enthusiasts with its small but mighty Twingo. The French automaker has always been known for its innovative ideas in the automotive industry, but this time it is taking on a global challenge.

To celebrate three decades of the tiny, city-dwelling traffic dancer – better known as the Twingo – the manufacturer is opening its doors to AI-inspired stylists who want to leave their mark on a new car.

Renault is launching a global design competition with the sole purpose of “reinventing the Twingo” – and the sky’s the limit. The carmaker is proposing several studies in which its big-hearted, pocket-sized car is presented in every possible element, habitat, role and taste.

Imagination and a good set of AI tools – the company suggests Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Dall-E as starting points – are all that’s needed to take part in the global challenge. The chatbots only need a few words to generate images, and the customization options are virtually endless.

Renault has already sent the Twingo back to the future with a poster showing a flying vehicle that also resembles a French bulldog at full speed, ears flapping and all. There are also some more down-to-earth ideas – how about a camper version of the Twingo?

The design of the balloon fish-shaped Twingo, with a snorkel just below the waterline of a tropical island, was inspired by James Bond’s Lotus Esprit submarine. In true French style, the concept includes a touch of haute cuisine, with a life-size Twingo chocolate bar a possibility.

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