Smartborghini is an Impressive Lamborghini Gallardo Caricature

This Lamborghini Gallardo replica is based on a 2014 SMART Fortwo. An unusual homemade car received many external improvements in the style of the Italian model. At the same time, technically the car called Smartborghini has not undergone any changes.

In the process of modification, Smart lost the roof and all body panels. For an unusual project, a new body kit in the style of Lamborghini Gallardo was made, which includes fake air intakes, diffuser, four-pipe exhaust system, as well as 19-inch black rims.

The caps of the front and rear “lights” received Y-shaped stickers, similar to the LED graphics on the real Lamborghini. Because of this, the homemade supercar is not allowed to be driven on public roads.

The 2-seater interior is finished in black Alcantara. In addition, the car received a shortened windshield and miniature doors with additional steps for convenient entry.

No mechanical changes are mentioned, indicating that the standard 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine, probably developing 70 hp and 92 Nm, is still located above the rear wheels. The Smartborghini is listed for sale on eBay for 11,999 pounds ($14,920).

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