Mini Cooper racing simulator

Take a look at the dream racing simulator made of real Mini Cooper

Using a grinder and a shocking dose of enthusiasm, one Utah guy reminded us the meaning of the word “perfectionism.”

Brent Cheney is fond of art, cars, and racing simulations. There is an impressive basement in his private house. Tired of gatherings in front of a television with a soulless joystick, Brent decided to add a pinch of realism to video games. So one of the coolest racing simulators was born. If you have twenty minutes of free time, be sure to watch the video below.

Chatting with the guys from Motor Authority, Cheney admitted that the aesthetic side of the project was at the forefront. That is why Brent decided to use the first generation Mini Cooper S hatchback as the base for the project. The car with a broken engine costs only a thousand dollars … which he successfully returned by selling a gearbox and suspension parts.

To bring the Mini into the basement, Brent had to cut it into a billion small pieces, and then weld from them something that resembles the original car. The resourceful Cheney used wooden pallets as a pedestal for the simulator.

The original interior was complemented by a surround sound system. And, of course, our fan did not stint on a powerful eight-core processor, a 49-inch panoramic monitor and good steering wheel with pedals. The process took about eight weeks and 6500 USD.

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