Fiat 126p custom from Poland

The custom Fiat 126p from Poland has a Fiat Croma 2.0 L engine

Another day – another story about custom Fiat 126p. This project from Poland was built by Damian Kurcz. It has a custom tube chassis with a MacPherson-style front suspension with Kawasaki ZX6R shocks and custom rear suspension that made with parts from a Opel Tigra and Fiat Uno Turbo.

2.0 L 8v inline-four from a first generation Fiat Croma is installed behind the driver’s seat. This engine had 153 hp from the factory, but Damian upgraded it up to 246 hp. The engine runs off an EcuMaster 2.0 ECU and connected to a five-speed manual transmission from the same Fiat Croma.

Damian also upgraded front brakes using ventilated 240 mm rotors and calipers from Fiat Uno Turbo, and installed Fiat 126p 227 mm rear rotors.

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