Mini RWB

The designer came up with the world’s first Mini RWB

After the war, British buyers needed something really small, capable of squeezing in traffic jams and not needing a lot of fuel. And such a car appeared. This was the legendary Morris Mini which was compact and easy to operate.

Currently, classic Minis acquired the status of iconic cars. They are not only restored to their original state, but also turned into a wide variety of tuning projects.

An artist named Irwinsyah introduced the world’s first RWB Mini. This is an obvious tribute to the RWB body kit, which has become very popular for air-cooled Porsches. We would really like the famous Japanese tuning specialist Akira Nakai to take the cutters on the wings of the 1960s Mini and bring some great extensions. Hell, he doesn’t even have to invent anything.

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